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When a domain name expires, the domain enters a grace period which gives the owner of the domain name a limited amount of time to renew it, before it expires. The length of the grace period can vary from domain-to-domain, and is usually set by the registrar.

When the grace period has expired, the domain then enters it's redemption period. Similar to the grace period the length of the redemption period can vary from domain-to-domain. Just like the grace period, the redemption period gives the owner a window of opportunity to renew their registration. Crucially however, renewing a domain name whilst it's in redemption will incur additional costs that are set by the domain registrar.

If the domain is not renewed during either the grace period or the redemption period, the registration expires and will become available for the general public to purchase.

If you wish to avoid paying additional redemption fees, we strongly recommend you renew any important domain names prior to their expiry.

Redemption periods

Below is a table of the domain tld's which can incur redemption fee charges.

TLD Grace Period Redemption Period
.com 40 days 30 Days
.net 40 days 30 Days
.org 40 days 30 Days
.info 40 days 30 Days
.biz 40 days 30 Days
.us 40 days 30 Days
.cc 40 days 30 Days
.ca 30 days 30 Days
.tv 55 days 30 Days
.co 45 days 30 Days
.fr 0 days 30 Days

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