How to view headers in webmail

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This is a quick step-by-step guide to viewing the headers of an e-mail via the webmail interface.

When an e-mail is created, it is made up of several components. One of those components in the 'message body', which is the content of the e-mail. Another part is called the 'header', which is normally hidden. The job of an e-mail header is to provide a detailed log of the network path taken by the e-mail, between the mail sender and the mail receiver.

Please note: This article is only applicable for email mailboxes on's Mercury Mail system.

View e-mail headers in webmail

Step 1

Logging into webmail

Firstly, you'll need to login into your webmail account at

This will bring up a login form. Enter the email address you wish to access for the 'Username' and the mailbox password for the 'Password'. When you have entered the relevant details, click 'Login' to access webmail.

When you have logged in, view the specific e-mail you wish to view the headers of, firstly by locating it, then by double clicking on it.

Please note: Where domain is "", please replace with your own domain name.

Login to webmail

Step 2

View the e-mail headers

After you have selected the e-mail to wish to view the headers of, navigate to the top of the email. Find the 'Down Arrow' just below the from/to/reply-to information.

This will cause the content of your e-mail to drop down, showing you the raw source of your e-mail header.

View the e-mail headers

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