How to view email headers in Thunderbird

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This is a quick step-by-step guide to viewing the headers of an e-mail in Thunderbird. You may be asked to provide an e-mail header, by a member of the Technical Support team. We use the information in the header to troubleshoot mail delivery problems.

When an e-mail is created, it is made up of several components. One of those components in the 'message body', which is the content of the e-mail. Another part is called the 'header', which is normally hidden. The job of an e-mail header is to provide a detailed log of the network path taken by the e-mail, between the mail sender and the mail receiver.

View e-mail headers in Thunderbird

Step 1

Open Thunderbird

Firstly, you'll need to open Thunderbird by clicking on the Thunderbird icon.

Then view the specific e-mail you wish to view the headers of, firstly by locating it, then by clicking on it.

Open Thunderbird

Step 2

Display the Thunderbird menu

After you have selected the e-mail to wish to view the headers of, click on the 'Display the Thunderbird Menu' icon, located in the top right hand side of the application.

Choose Display the Thunderbird Menu

Step 3

View the e-mail headers

From the drop down menu, choose 'View', then choose 'Headers' then 'All'.

This will then update the e-mail you have selected, so that the header information is displayed above the e-mail's content. To may need to scroll down in order to view all the header content.

View the e-mail headers

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