How to view email headers in Mac Mail

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This is a quick step-by-step guide to viewing the headers of an e-mail in Mac Mail. You may be asked to provide an e-mail header, by a member of the Technical Support team. We use the information in the header to troubleshoot mail delivery problems.

When an e-mail is created, it is made up of several components. One of those components in the 'message body', which is the content of the e-mail. Another part is called the 'header', which is normally hidden. The job of an e-mail header is to provide a detailed log of the network path taken by the e-mail, between the mail sender and the mail receiver.

View e-mail headers in Mac Mail

Step 1

Open Mac Mail

Firstly, you'll need to open Mac Mail by clicking on the Mail icon, in your dock.

Then view the specific e-mail you wish to view the headers of, firstly by locating it, then by clicking on it.

Open Mac Mail

Step 2

View the e-mail headers

After you have selected the e-mail to wish to view the headers of, choose 'View' from the main menu, then from the drop down menu choose 'Message' then 'All Headers'.

This will then update the e-mail you have selected, so that the header information is displayed above the e-mail's content.

View the e-mail headers

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