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Internal Link Juicer is a fairly hidden plugin with just over 1000 active users. I discovered the plugin when looking for a replacement for another, now unsupported plugin.

Building internal links on my WordPress websites is usually a case of making my content, then reading back through it and finding where to link to relevant articles.

Internal Link Juicer automates that process, and makes internal link building an absolute breeze.

The plugin adds the ability to assigns keywords to each post. When those keywords are entered on another post, it will automatically generate a link back to the relevant page.

For example, you might have a page on your website with a specific function – a contact form for example. you can assign the keyword ‘contact’ to that page with the contact form on it. Then any post in your blog with the word ‘contact’ in it will automatically provide a link to the contact form so people can get in touch.

Inputting the keywords on a page or post.
How the keyword works on another post to link to the content.

Because Internal Link juicer is automatically generating those links for us we don’t even have to think about making those ties between pages – they just happen automatically because we’ve set our keywords.

It’s a great and powerful tool for easily creating those connections between your pages so visitors can navigate your site with ease and stay on there longer.



There are 2 comments on “WordPress plugins we love – Internal Link Juicer

  1. Avatar
    Phil September 26, 2019

    Sounds good, will give the plugin a try. Thanks for the article.

  2. Avatar
    Mark / Internal Link Juicer October 17, 2019

    Hello Kayleigh,

    thank you very much for this complimentary article.
    We are happy that you like our plugin.

    If you or the readers here still have suggestions for improvement, we are looking forward to getting in touch with you at any time.

    Mark from https://internallinkjuicer.com


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