WordPress hosting speed boosted by 7x

25 October 2021


OK I had to grab your attention! But the headline is true, at least in certain use cases – we’ve implemented an update to our WordPress Hosting that can boost performance by as much as seven times. The tweak to the WordPress platform came off the back of a support case with a client website this week. The client’s website was hosting an online event, and the user load on their website was causing extreme slow downs, and in some instances dreaded error messages.

After studying the website user behavior we discovered that much of their traffic was bypassing the caching system of the server, which is the backbone of delivering ultra fast site responses. Our next step was to run the rule over the client’s code and see how the user interaction with the website was causing load on the server. We identified a bottleneck that we were able to address and improve the server’s handling of. This had a massive and immediate effect for the client. Error messages ceased and performance was radically improved. Our rough calculations showed a 7x performance increase for traffic that was bypassing the cache. The impact was profound enough that we rolled it out platform-wide; if you have a WordPress Hosting plan with us, you now have this speed boost too.

It should be noted that most pages on typical websites are served from cache – prebuilt copies of your webpages ready to be sent at blazing speeds to the end user. As ever, we remain very proud of this part of our WordPress Hosting. We take part in the Review Signal WordPress benchmarks each and every year and are always pleased as punch to be rated amongst the best in the industry. This year was no different; you can see the results of the test here. TL;DR our WordPress hosting is REALLY fast!



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