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If you’ve made the decision to use WordPress hosting here at 34SP.com – then you’ve made a sound choice. So, now you have WordPress and you want to get the most out of it and want lots of visitors to your site? Well you may know there are various ways in which you can improve your website, but did you know that WordPress has literally hundreds of plugins that can help?

Below are my pick of essential plugins for your WordPress web hosting site ranging from security features to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) improvements. To find these: simply log into your admin area and select ‘add new’ under the ‘Plugins’ option.

Google Analytics

I’m really hoping if your reading this you kind of know a bit about Google. This tool helps you monitor who, what, where and when people actually visit your website. The Google Analytics plugin for WordPress is one of the most popular tools available and allows you to trace every visitor to every page.

Google Sitemaps Generator
Yes, yes, I know your saying “What? Google again!?” but this is yet another brilliant plugin available for WordPress. The sitemaps generator for WordPress creates a sitemap on your site allowing all major search engines to discover each and every post within your blog. This is very handy in regards to Google search listings and helps Google properly crawl the site.

SEO Title Tag
With the SEO title tag plugin you can change the title tags assigned to each of your blog posts. You may be wondering why you need this. Here’s why – WordPress attempts to set the title tags automatically based on the name and content of the post. You can now edit this to make your title tags more relevant improve your search rankings!

Spamming for blog owners these days is on the increase. These are usually added as comments on the blog itself. The best way around this is to use some sort of robust verification. This is where Captcha comes into it. You may have notice we also using this on our 34SP.com formail script. When a comment is added to your blog, the user will need to enter a series of letters and numbers in order to validate themselves. A handy tool if you ask me!

You may also have noticed that there is something called Twitter which is getting rather a big following on the Internet these days. With all these “tweets” going round, it’s only right you can implement this into your site. There are a fair few Twitter plugins also but the one I personally use is called: “Twitter for WordPress” – This shows all your tweets (or a particular users’ tweets) on your site.

In case you’re not currently following us here at 34SP.com – you may want to. We alert you to special offers and things you may want to know about your website and hosting as well. You can find us and follow us at: http://twitter.com/34SP or simply follow @34SP.

These are just a small selection of the thousands of plugins available. Have a search and above all have fun!


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