WordPress Hosting now 33% cheaper

Since launching our managed WordPress Hosting plan back in 2016 we’ve received a lot of feedback. We’re always listening and as a result we’re now excited to unveil our slightly revamped WordPress plan.

Our entry level WordPress account now starts at £9.95 per month. For the price and features we believe this is the best WordPress hosting option in the UK hands down. The updated plan includes all the familiar features that come with our older £14.95 plan:


Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Once your domain is pointed to your hosting, all it takes is a single click to get free SSL enabled on your site.

One click staging

Don’t break your live site again. Create a test copy of your site in seconds, copy it back to live, in just more seconds.


Make an instant copy of your website and download it offline for safe keeping. Take control of your backups for peace of mind.

Lightning fast performance

Built from the ground up, our modern hosting stack offers best in class speed.

Optimised security

With just one application to secure, we can fine tune the security of the platform and installation in ways that other hosts can’t match.

No limits

Unlike other managed WordPress hosts we don’t limit your page views or transfer. You’re free to grow your site without hassle.

Managed updates

We manage the automated updates of WordPress core and plugins for you (those in the WP repo) so you never have to worry about falling behind the latest secure release.


The main change on our new entry level plan is that it supports just one WordPress website as standard. If you need to host more sites you can either upgrade to the three domain plan (£14.95) or simply purchase additional one domain plans as required. Resource limits are modestly lowered too as a result of the lower domain count.

As an aside we’re also now starting to formally support WordPress multisite too across all packages! The option is presently in beta and if you’d like to help us kick the tyres and see if they fall off, let us know.


Get WordPress Hosting from just £9.95 per month