WordPress 4.9.3 advisory – what you need to know

Ordinarily, a minor WordPress core update will come and go with little fanfare. These minimal updates usually fix a range of smaller bugs in one push or mitigate against a timely security threat. The update of 4.9.2 to 4.9.3 however did not go as swimmingly as most. Indeed the release was shortly removed from public access just hours after worldwide release due to a fairly major bug.

The bug in question prevents automated updates to future versions. For example if you rely on the WordPress system to keep your core installation up to date on an automated basis – and you’re now on version 4.9.3 – this will no longer work. Instead, if you find yourself on WordPress 4.9.3 you will need to run the update to 4.9.4 manually. Nothing major in and of itself – if you do update; but you MUST update and you must do manually.

Your site will be forever stuck on version 4.9.3 if you fail to login and hit the update button (or use tools like WP-CLI if you’re so inclined).

A few caveats of course…

  • If your site didn’t update to 4.9.3 before the release was pulled, your install of 4.9.2 should update to 4.9.4 just fine using any existing automation.
  • If you use our WordPress Hosting platform, we use a separate update system that doesn’t rely on the in built version update manager and will automatically update everyone to 4.9.4

Where possible we are trying to proactively contact clients, who may be stuck, on our non WordPress platforms but due to the nature of the hosting we might not always be able to identify versions of WordPress on some hosting.

As ever, any queries regarding this update or indeed any WordPress issue, just drop our support team a line at support@34sp.com