WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” is released

One of the biggest releases of WordPress in recent times is packed full of new features to super charge your WordPress sites. Like all recent WordPress releases Clifford is named after a jazz singer, in this case Clifford Brown.

So without further ado here are the cliff notes;

New Default Theme


The imaginatively named Twenty Sixteen is the new default theme for WordPress (don’t worry if you use Twenty Fifteen or one of the previous default themes they will still work)

Twenty Sixteen is a responsive theme that is designed to look great on any device, it’s not as complicated as Twenty Fifteen in design and scope instead it focuses on just showing of your content.

As the new default theme if, you install a new WordPress site, this is the first theme you will see. However you can pick from thousands of themes both on WordPress.org and around the web to personalise WordPress how you like.

oEmbed pretty much everything
WordPress has long supported oEmbeds (where you put paste a link in the editor and it’s replaced with a widget on the front of the site) for sites like Youtube. Every release sees more sites which support oEmbed being added and this release is no different with Cloudup, Reddit Comments, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck, and VideoPress being added along with your site!

What? Any site running WordPress 4.4 or higher is now an oEmbed provider! What this means, if someone pastes a link from your site into their posts, instead of just showing a link it will show a pretty information box, with a crafted snippet and title.

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”

It’s not just WordPress sites, which will see your oEmbed snippet, any site that uses oEmbed will have the potential to show your embeds on their sites. If you feel you do not want your site to show be shown this way you can turn off the feature using the Disable Embed plugin.

Responsive Images
Over the last few releases WordPress has become more and more responsive in the admin area, while encouraging theme designers to build responsive themes. With this release a major missing component is brought to WordPress. With 4.4 WordPress now takes a modern approach to showing images you include in posts and pages, you don’t need to do anything but under the hood WordPress is using its various tools to provide an array of images at various sizes based on the image you uploaded. And showing just the one right for the device. Best of all this works with all modern themes.

Technical stuff
Under the hood several key things have been added the Categories and other taxonomies now have the ability to have meta data associated with them. This will allow plugins and themes to make heavier use of taxonomies for managing and organising content.

The first stage of the long awaited (by developers) REST API will be introduced into WordPress. This will allow developers to build complex applications using any language not just PHP as it provides a simpler way for other software to interact with your site.

Plenty of improvements, bugs squashing and little things have occurred to make WordPress 4.4 a feature pack release.

Updating to WordPress 4.4 at 34SP.com

For clients on the Managed WordPress Hosting Platform don’t worry you will be automatically updated shortly. You don’t have to do anything.

Clients on our Professional and Business packages, can visit their WordPress Dashboard as an admin user, for versions over 3.7. Click the “WordPress 4.4 is available! Please update now.” link to begin the update process.


If you do have issues, you can always download the latest version from WordPress.org

Any client struggling to update can as always contact our support team who are happy to guide people through the upgrade process.