WordCamp London, today’s the day!

It’s been a fantastic first day for us at WordCamp London! The first time we’ve been and attended as a company. Thank you to Siobhan and Daniel (of WCLDN) for creating such a positive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere! Everyone has been really helpful and polite. There is plenty of swag and food to feed the five thousand floating around!

Anyone who hasn’t entered our ‘Tweet to win’ competition yet, please do so! You could be the lucky winner of hundreds of pounds worth of Amazon vouchers 😉 and your picture will also appear on the big screen at our booth!

Well it’s been a great day and we are looking forward to the party tonight! Most specifically for me Guitar Hero!

So if you are curious about how 34SP.com can help you, come speak to us! We are the ones in the Rocket building with the blue polo shirts! We can provide FREE charity hosting and also help you out on your WordPress projects! See you all tomorrow for round 2 of WordCamp London #wcldn

Siobhan Hancock

Siobhan is Head of Community at 34SP.com. You'll often find Siobhan socialising at tech meetups throughout the UK. When she's not doing that, Siobhan looks after our social media and is passionate about photography and videography.

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