Welcoming back our three domain WP plan

Today sees the return of our long lost three domain name WordPress plan. The new option in our WordPress line up seeks to address the leap in pricing some clients have struggled with in the past. The newly released three domain option is priced at £19.95 per month.

In addition, the five domain name plan will be lowered in price by £5 per month as well. We hope this makes moving up through the tiers a little more sensible and easier on the wallet. The newly revised plans and pricing are as follows:

DomainsMonthly price

As ever it should be noted that the mutli-domain plans are meant for cost effective hosting solutions of typical sites. They come with no options to scale RAM, storage or CPU. If you have a site that requires more oomph or storage, the single domain plan can be scaled up considerably to power most large WordPress sites.

Note: Existing users of the legacy three domain name plan will keep their legacy pricing as is.