Weebly Website Builder and 34SP.com

For any 34SP.com customer that has ever dreamed of creating a customised, professional website in literally just a few minutes using an elegantly simple ‘drag and drop’ web design tool – your dreams have come true!

Introducing Weebly at 34SP.com

Weebly is an extremely powerful website design tool currently used by over 30 million people and small businesses – and it is now available at 34SP.com to compliment our domain names and hosting. This easy-to-use design software was created by top talent specifically to help small business owners get their own websites launched quickly and without any need for programming skills.
Weebly is fully-customizable and helps you create a professional site, blog or online store in mere minutes. Your website will be also completely mobile-compatible as soon as you design it – and best of all, you can now try out Weebly at 34SP.com for FREE!

To buy a new Professional Hosting account with Weebly pre-installed:

Just head on over to our Weebly site builder page, and click ‘Get Started’ to begin your order.

To test out Weebly with an existing hosting account:

Simply follow the easy instructions in our KB article ‘How to install Weebly’.

It takes just a few brief moments to get started and you’ll have your own custom built website within just a few minutes.


Weebly Interview

34SP.com co-founders Stuart Melling and Daniel Foster recently met with the Weebly team in California to finalise the offering and to learn everything about this amazing new product. Here are a few of the questions we had and the responses from Mr. Chris Sheridan, Head of Sales at Weebly.

1. Weebly gives users an interface for building their own website, with some very impressive results. What is the most amazing thing you’ve seen someone create with Weebly?

“Thank you. I have seen some very impressive SMBs launch their business on Weebly. They are using Weebly to showcase their really cool products.”

Chris Sheridan from Weebly suggests checking out these sites to see what Weebly can do:

2. Weebly is crammed full of great features. How did you decide what new features to include, and which features to leave out?

“Our goal with our web editor has always been to deliver a clean, uncluttered, naturally intuitive user experience. Anything we feel would interrupt that experience, we leave out. Ultimately, we want customers to log in to the editor, easily build their web site using the drag and drop tools, and then press ”publish” and launch their site on the Internet. It’s a balance between keeping things intuitive, allowing sites to be built quickly, and ultimately have the output of this work be a beautiful stunning website.”

3. The popularity of mobile web browsing has lead to a variety of different front end solutions being implemented, from responsive websites that adjust to the size of the users screen, to dedicated mobile websites and applications. What is Weebly’s approach to mobile and how to you see this evolving in future?

“We agree that mobile is changing the website building landscape. As a result all of our Themes are responsive and mobile ready. In addition, there is no additional work customers need to do to ”make” their Weebly website mobile. We do it for you and it just works. In the future, we are very excited about extending our suite of mobile apps to 34SP.com. When this is ready, 34SP.com customers will be able to not only create web sites on their desktop (today) but in the near future they will be able to create and manage their websites on an iPad or Android tablet.”

You can also learn a bit more about Weebly at 34SP.com on our Weebly Site Builder page.


There is one comments on “Weebly Website Builder and 34SP.com

  1. Kevin Arrowsmith September 9, 2015

    This is potentially, very exciting news. Ive used weekly in the past and have been considering it more recently for an small business website. In conjunction with the support services from 34sp.com, it could be a real game changer.
    However, I notice 34sp.com customers can ‘try it for free’ but I can’t see any further details on costs for hosting a fully transactional weebly site builder website with facilities such as shopping cart, checkout etc. Is there a cost summary somewhere?