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Firstly, I would like to say “Thank you!” to all of our clients, whether you are running standard website hosting, reseller hosting or even dedicated servers. We appreciate the feedback you provide us and welcome all our new clients to the family. We really appreciate your views and opinions and these help us to continue to provide outstanding levels of support to you.

Today, I would like to tell you the best ways in which to get the best support we can offer. We provide four main channels of support – all customised to provide the best support for a given instance. But before you use any particular support channel, it is always best to check: If we have any known issues we will post them here and keep this updated every hour or as and when things develop. Of course, if you have an issue and it is not listed feel free to drop us an email or a live chat (if email is the issue), we can then get right on it for you.

The first place you should turn to for help is the Knowledge Base located at: I am always updating and creating new tutorials and FAQ’s to help give you all the information you need to get the most out of our services. As I said before, we really appreciate your feedback. If you feel something is missing or something would be useful please do let me know. Just drop an email to with KB suggestion in the subject and I will happily review this for you. You should be able to get started and find the most commonly asked questions and issues for business hosting accounts, reseller web hosting accounts, personal accounts, professional hosting and VPS with an assortment of more general topics to help get you on your way. If you cannot find a topic simply use the search box.

Although it is not an official channel of support, please do check out our forums located at: It is here that many of our customers offer up suggestions and advice based on their experience and members of our team also post answers and suggestions here to. We believe in community here at and we want you to will feel a part of our community from the start.

Should you not be able to find the answer in our knowledge base or our forum, we have our second channel of support and the most effective way to get a quick resolve to your questions or issues.
You can also always drop an email to: – with the details of your domain name and the nature of the issue or question you have. One email to: is all you need to do to get quick efficient support. You will receive an auto-reply from our system issuing you a ticket reference number. This is your case identification number and you can quote it to any of our team for an update on your issue.

You can also raise a support ticket via our support portal located at: Choose support from the department list if you need support with your services or are having a technical issue or choose accounts if your issues is related to renewals or payments or general account issues or would like us to send out account information such as user-names. You can check your ticket using our support portal as well by clicking on ‘view tickets’. This system is great if you are ever having issues with your email.

Our third support channel is live chats. These are for quick enquires, be it sales or support. Such as “Could you resend me my login details?” or “My site is off-line could you tell me what’s wrong?”. If the issue is something we cannot fix quickly we will ask you to email at: or raise a ticket for you.

If you are experiencing errors on your site, issues with a script you have installed, or issues receiving or sending emails these should all be emailed to: Our live chat is there to help you get information quickly or check on an existing case. We cannot carry our advanced diagnostics or repairs via our live chat channel.

Our fourth and final support channel is our telephone line. Like live chats we cannot diagnose and repair issues while you wait via this channel. We can however, raise you a support ticket in much the same was as emailing us or using the support portal, and one of our engineers will contact you as soon as possible. You will always be greeted by one of our enthusiastic and skilled team who are always happy to hear from you.

So to summarise: If you have an issue such as errors on a page or email issues the quickest way to get the resolved it to raise a support ticket via the support portal or emailing:

For quick help such as “Can you resend me my login details?” or “How much does it cost to upgrade to Professional Hosting?” or “Can I ask about your other hosting services?” – we look forward to hearing from you on our live chat channel.

If you need to talk to someone or just want to say hello in person, give us a call and we can advise you or raise a ticket for you if required.

I hope this guide helps you to get the most out of your services with Whichever channel you use, I am certain you will be impressed by our friendly and knowledgeable team.


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