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At some point everyone needs a bit of help with their hosting account. Whether you have just UK domain names, a hosting account, or a reseller hosting account, it’s likely that at one point or another you’ll need some assistance from us. We’re a personable and friendly bunch here on the support team at 34SP.com, but there are several steps you can take to ensure that your query is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, without too many unnecessary emails back and forth trying to find information out. If you’re contacting the support team regarding an issue you’re experiencing, including the following information will mean we can get straight onto the issue rather than having to come back to you to clarify on any points:

* ALWAYS include your domain name

Mail Issues
* If your problem is regarding email, what email address is the issue in connection with?
* What user name and password are you using?
* Do you receive any error messages?
* If so, what?
* Does the problem occur with any other email addresses on the same domain?
* If you have sent or are expecting to receive a message that has not arrived, provide the following details: the FROM address, the TO address and the timestamp of when the message was sent (must be within the previous 3 days) – we can then check the mail logs for you.

It might also be worthwhile checking out the knowledgebase on our site at: http://support.34sp.com/KB/c3/email.aspx as this includes many of the more common questions, particularly in setting up mailboxes or entering the correct details in your mail program.

Web Hosting Site Issues
* What page are you seeing the problem on?
* What error messages (if any) are you seeing?
* Have you made any changes to the site recently that may have caused this?
* Provide EXACT steps to recreate the error if it’s not immediately obvious.

You can also speed things up by authenticating your support request as soon as you receive the autoresponder email giving your enquiry reference number – there is no need to wait for a support team member to email and ask you for this, as you can authenticate as soon as the confirmation email arrives. To authenticate a ticket, log in to your account management page, located at:


Once the page loads you should enter your registered email address and account password in the fields provided. Your registered email address is the email address you selected when you purchased the account.

Once the account management page has loaded, select ‘authentication’ from the right hand menu. Select the service you wish to authenticate from the drop down. Be sure to choose the service that this ticket is in reference to.

In the ‘Ticket number’ section enter the ticket code of this email in the field provided. The ticket code is located in the subject of this email. The code will look something like ***-********-****. Please be sure to copy it directly from the subject line.

Finally press ‘submit’. The support ticket will then be authenticated and the support team can get straight into addressing your query.

There are also a few outside resources that give hints on getting the best out of tech support – http://www.ehow.com/how_4702982_best-service-tech-support.html or if you just fancy spending a few minutes taking a chuckle at some of the more outrageous gaffs from legend, try – http://www.guy-sports.com/humor/computers/computer_tech_support_calls.htm.

Remember that our goal here at 34SP.com is: Website Hosting with Superior Service and Support. We are always here to help. Our job is to help you succeed, so give us a ring, or shoot us an email or open up a live chat anytime you need help with your 34SP.com accounts or services. At 34SP.com we appreciate the opportunity to earn your ongoing business.


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