Web based image tools to get the most out of your site

If you’ve been in the web business as long as us (nearly 20 years!) you’ll remember the bad old ugly days of neon websites, flashing graphics and the liberal use of comic sans.

The modern web is inarguably a much more beautiful place, and that’s in part down to many free services that are now available, democratizing simple design tasks.

In no particular order, here are a few nifty online tools that have caught my eye over the past couple of months – maybe they’ll help give your site that facelift you’ve been planning for some time!

Promo Image Resizer

Quickly resize images via this free online tool. There are a number of presets for popular image sizes too; everything from the perfect email header through to Facebook and Instagram.


If you care about your end user experience (and everything from SEO rank to sales as a result) you’ll know that a fast website is a great website. This tool offers a range of compression options to optimise your images before you upload them to your site.

Remove bg

Need to remove a background from an otherwise excellent image so you can use it more freely on your site? No problem at all! This free browser based tool delivers impressive results.


I could play around with this mesmerizing tool for hours and hours (I haven’t done that, honestly). Patternizer offers a custom pattern building tool plus a number of presets. Hit the code tab and the CSS markup for each beautiful pattern is just a copy and paste away.


After an hour using this tool you might give a design pro a run for their money. Canva can be used to create everything from logos and business cards to icons for your site. There’s a free limited version and a relatively inexpensive paid option, too.


This quick and simple tool generates complementary colour choices for your website (as well as giving the all-important hex value). If you think red and green should look rather fetching when paired together, check out this site for some sage wisdom.


Vectr offers a rather handy way to create and edit vector image files online and quickly through your browser. No need for a hefty download here, though the site does offer an offline and premium paid tool as well.

Logo maker

This is another browser based offering that can easily eat up hours of your time. Simply enter a few details about your business and the tool will offer you myriad professional quality logos for your site or business.

Note: Please use any third party services with care and caution. We’re not affiliated with any of the sites or services listed here. Use of third party sites and services is of course at your own risk!