At the beginning of March 2015, launched our brand new homepage,with an exciting new look. We hope that everyone finds the new website easy to navigate and use. Please do let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with the website even better. To give you all some insight into our new design and our brand strategy online, we spoke together with Principal Designer, Mr. Simon Foster. Here are Si’s thoughts on the new website and design.


What motivated the new homepage design change?

As a company we never stop thinking about how we can improve our customer experience, and our website is a massive part of that. We’ve made a number changes to our website layout, many of which were in response to user data. We’ve analysed how people interact with our website, and we’ve altered our website to match our customers behaviour. This means for example, we’ve improved our mobile content, following a 50 percent rise in mobile traffic over the last 12 months.


What are the main differences between the previous design and the new design?

At the moment, the changes are almost entirely cosmetic. The colours have been updated to reflect the brand, as have the images we use. We’re also using a professional typeface for the 1st time, as a typography geek this is a very exciting development.


Is this an overall update to the brand presence online?

It’s online and offline, although online would represent 99 percent of our customers experience. We are trying to build a strong visual brand, to do that we have to apply the same approach to everything, whether that’s web, print or any other medium.


What are you trying to achieve with the new design?

Like any commercial website, it should have 2 objectives. Firstly, we want our users to have a great experience whilst using our website. Quality of service is a massive part of what we do at, so its important that our website reflects that we’re easy to do business with. On the other side of the coin, part of my job as a designer is to increase our sales, by making it easier to buy our products. We’ll keep on making improvements to our website, in line with our users expectations and current trends. Given that a great many of our customers are web designers, its important that we keep the same high design standards on our website that they will applying to their own work.