VPS servers and self management

Today we tweaked the language on our site regarding the support of our non managed VPS servers; specifically we dropped the language referring to 15 minutes of included support. This had been causing repeated confusion for clients, and has now been dropped from the product pages.

To be clear, non managed VPS servers have always been offered without formal support. Today’s update merely changes how the product is explained – the actual service provided has not changed. VPS servers are provided as blank slates, pure infrastructure pieces. As long as clients operate within our terms and conditions, they’re free to use them as they see fit.

The open ended nature of these non managed VPS plans makes it difficult to offer a uniform support service, as every client is using different technologies and processes. Moreover our pricing on non managed VPS is considerably lower than our managed plans that reflect our clients will want 34SP.com to take some of the systems admin jobs of their shoulders.

Our formal support for VPS plans has always ended at ensuring the container was accessible via SSH. At this point, the client is responsible for anything else: such as software installations, updates and security. If you cannot reach your VPS over SSH, feel free to call or email us, and we will look into the issue right away – we will restore access ASAP, free of charge.

If you run into problems managing your VPS we’re happy to advise and sometimes are able to complete the work on a paid basis for you. We will generally quote a price for the cost of work ahead of time. 15GBP per 15mins assistance, in office hours.

Hopefully the updates to the site language make the plan clearer. If you don’t feel comfortable managing your VPS, we do offer a number of managed VPS systems for specific needs:

WordPress VPS – host multiple WordPress sites in a containerised environment, with a highly optimised WordPress stack

Business VPS – host a single site in a custom, PCI compliant container

Reseller VPS – host multiple sites in a containerised, white labelled, managed environment

If you’d like to migrate to any of these from a current non managed VPS we will happily handle the migration on your behalf.


There are 2 comments on “VPS servers and self management

  1. Jim November 15, 2016

    Now I’m confused. Are you no longer offering 15 minutes of free support on your managed VPS services?

    • Stuart Melling November 15, 2016

      We never did Jim. The 15 minutes was always intended to simply be a diagnostic tool – any resulting support was always to be charged. Support has always been charged but the language was too confusing.