Virtual servers and VPS hosting from have held a critical role in the needs of UK developers and designers for many years. Our most highly technical clients have helped us understand the pricing and capability needs of our virtual servers to make the VPS hosting product the best value available today. Therefore, it is with great pride that announces the relaunch of our VPS hosting service with great new features, scalability and value pricing – with accounts starting at just £10.

Here are the key components of the new VPS hosting products:

  • Ultra competitive pricing with additional nodes of resources costing just a fiver.
  • UK-based infrastructure including UK data centres in London and Manchester.
  • UK support staffed by our own support team trained by in Manchester, UK.
  • Redundant connectivity, power, fire suppression and a multi-homed BGP routed network.
  • Completely scalable – both scaling up and down – to meet evolving needs of business.
  • Highest quality brand name Dell hardware backed by their expert technical hardware support team.
  • Industry leading SLA – if your VPS hosting account doesn’t function – we will credit your account.
  • We will help you transfer your files onto our servers for free.
  • Your choice of operating system: CentOS, Debian, Fedora or Ubuntu.

30 day Money Back Guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Award Winning Service and Support – The cornerstone of your VPS hosting account is the exceptional team of technical support staff and engineers available to respond quickly to any and every issue – be it large or small – that you may encounter. Don’t take our word for it – read the hundreds of actual comments from real customers who have expressed their gratitude via Twitter:

Our brand new expanded specifications mean that your virtual server starts with 512MB of memory as standard, along with 40GB of disk space and 200GB of bandwidth starting at just £10. Plus you can increase your resources with the click of a button for just £5. In fact each £5 gains you an additional 256MB of memory, an additional 20GB of disk space and another 100GB of bandwidth.

If you have been looking for a highly available, reasonably priced virtual server take a look at the brand new VPS hosting plan from You can custom configure your virtual server here:


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