Are you using your technical or billing contact feature?

We always strive to make your user experience better at Sometimes telling you about the features we offer is hard to do, because there are SO many to list. We are constantly receiving feedback and making improvements every day to our services with the hopes of giving you the best ‘all inclusive’ service we can!

Some of the main features you like the most is our website staging feature on WordPress hosting and our snapshots feature which is a way of taking a copy of website to download or restore.

The one feature we don’t talk about enough is the ability to add your colleague(s) as another contact on your account. Developers, designers, accounts people, partners… anyone you want to have access to your account is welcome. This feature is available on all of our managed hosting plans and is something that you’ve told us you find very useful!

Adding a ‘technical’ contact

It couldn’t be easier to add a technical contact on your account. We have a guide on Adding a technical contact too. The main difference between the account owner and a technical contact is the amount of access the technical contact has. Adding them means that you choose to give them their own login details and account. Like you they can log in and do anything that involves technically managing your hosting for you. Such as adding FTP access, managing your email hosting and contacting us for help and support.

This is how your account looks when you are the account owner.

screenshot of the account holder control panel

Your technical contact would see a similar layout, however parts of your control panel they wouldn’t have access to is your payment information and to add a contact themselves. They’d see something like this:

screenshot of the technical contact control panel

So whilst we offer other great services such as free migrations, this is perfect for you if you have a developer who would prefer to do things like this in their own way. It’s also a much safer option for you as the account holder, we encourage you to never give out your login details to anyone, especially when there is no need to. We have you covered!

Adding a billing contact

Adding a billing contact works in a similar way! It’s the same process as adding a technical contact, except instead of clicking ‘technical’ from the drop down menu, click billing instead. This feature is perfect for your accountant, your accounts or treasury department and basically anyone who your choose to do your books for you. Whether you choose to pay for your hosting plan or your domain name monthly or yearly, we send you a reminder to your email address. If you choose to setup a billing contact they will receive a reminder through to their email address too.

Your billing contact can therefore take care of your payments and download copies of your invoices without having to go through you the account holder. They can also contact for help. Your billing contacts control panel will look like this, without the ‘Manage Sites’ option, so they only need to see what is necessary.

screenshot of the billing contact control panel

What level of control do I have?

Like most businesses that use our services, it’s always preferential that the director or the owner of the company is the account holder and every product with us is registered to them. Also in a lot of cases this person wouldn’t necessarily be the person to liaise with us about their web services, which is why our adding an additional contact feature is important for the quick successful operation of your business.

At we like to make sure you have everything you need to make your experience with us handled with care and efficiency and we help as much as we can. Which is why we have a full knowledge base of popular written guides and videos.

Along with our contacts feature we take your security very seriously. Which is why we always check with you when your technical/billing contact makes business changing requests, such as closing a product or moving to another hosting product. No matter what you have the final say!


Thanks for checking out this blog! To see more features and updates to our services see the rest of our blog.

-Siobhan @SiobhanLHancock


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