Regular readers of the blog will recall a recent post which outlined the investments being made in the support department. Among the improvements launched in the past few weeks, a very popular new feature is now available – Live Chat.

Live chat is great for taking care of fast support questions that just need an expert’s opinion. Here are a few common questions and pointers on using the new chat feature for purchasing new products or getting access to our World-class support.

Is live chat currently available? In order for chat to function as planned, our service and technical support team must be ”logged in” to the service. Additionally, each team member is currently limited to just 1 chat at a time to keep the quality of response at the highest levels. Therefore, if all team members are either already on a chat, or not logged in due to phone or other responsibilities, live chat will not be available at that moment. There is a convenient visual indication of whether chat is currently available at the top of every page on the website. Just to the left of the phone number at the top of every page you will see a graphic that says, ”LIVE CHAT ONLINE” when team members are available and ”logged in”.

What can I do on live chat? Live chat is great for quick support inquiries, or to ask sales questions about the range of products available from Our goal is to make easy to work with. We want to let you interact with sales and support in whichever way is most convenient for you: phone, email or chat. Whether you are looking for answers about business hosting, WordPress hosting, or dedicated servers – live chat can get you quickly on your way with accurate and timely information.

Should I use live chat or email? How to start your communication with the team is entirely up to you. However, chat is best suited for quick and straightforward questions that can be answered completely in 1 chat session. More complex issues or those that will require followup are best suited to email – as a support ticket will be issued and the support case carefully tracked to resolution.

In summary, chat has proven to be extremely popular with many clients opting for the speed and ease of chat for quick questions. Here are a few of the recent comments we’ve received regarding our new investments in support.

Rating: Excellent (5) – “Excellent service, advice and suggestions. Couldn’t ask for more. I sincerely believe that the management team should buy at least two rounds of everyone’s favourite tipple as a token of ongoing management goodwill towards the coal-face customer facing team. Or at least buy a box of Cadbury’s best chocolates to share around. Perhaps a vote could help decide. Sincerely, Mark”

Rating: Excellent (5) – “I was very happy with the support I received about setting up an Outlook email account. My query was answered very quickly and even when the problem was not resolved the first time I was offered other suggestions to resolve it. Thank you!”

Rating: Excellent (5) – “I was able to fix the problem using the links supplied in the first response. The only improvement would have been if I could’ve found the link in the first place without having to email.”

Rating: Excellent (5) – “Thanks guys, I don’t usually give feedback as I am so busy but you have helped me a lot recently and it’s greatly appreciated.”


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