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    Bruce Beaney April 7, 2009

    We have already paid around £57 for our hosting this year (Jan 2009) – the £57 includes may features now bettered in the pro package. Do we have to pay any more to upgrade??? Please advise

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    Stuart April 7, 2009

    Bruce: If you drop us an email to the fees you have already used can be used to offset any new pro hosting you upgrade to.

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    Mark April 7, 2009

    On the page the Personal 500 package is shown as costing £2.24 per month and the Pro 500 package is £3.95 per month.

    But when I recently renewed my Personal 500 account it cost £17.95 for the year which is only £1.50 per month.

    Does this mean that future renewals of the Personal 500 package will be at a significantly higher cost?

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    Stuart April 7, 2009

    Nope, I am not sure why 2.24 is there yet, I have checked with colleagues to find out why.

    Renewal of existing standard personal accounts will remain at 17.95 per year.

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    John Crumpton April 13, 2009

    We’ve been on the new pro hosting package and are very impressed! It’s faster than personal hosting for both emails and the website runs super fast. Thanks!

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    Stuart April 13, 2009

    Thanks for the feedback John! We haven’t made too big a fuss of the hardware being used on the pro hosting yet,

    Suffice to say, the setup is far more powerful, complex and sophisticated. We are looking forward to massively increased reliability and performance on it.


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