Updates to Mercury junk mail policy

We emailed all our Mercury hosted email users this month, but in case you didn’t see the email here’s a recap.

We have begun the process of automatically deleting old messages from the spam and trash folders of Mercury hosted mailboxes. This won’t affect inboxes or other folders, only the spam and trash folders. We’re making this update to improve the performance of all Mercury hosted email accounts. Less clutter means fewer files, and fewer files means better disk performance.

We began by initially deleting all messages older than 90 days stored within the spam or trash folders. After that initial deletion we proceeded to delete junk email older than 60 days and finally older than 30 days.

After this final deletion, we will be automatically deleting messages from spam and trash folders that are older than 30 days as an ongoing process. You don’t need to do anything now or in the future, the process will be entirely automated.