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The brand new 34SP.com Control Panel

We’re delighted to announce that the brand new 34SP.com control panel went live today. If you already have a 34SP.com account, you’ll be able to see the new 34SP.com control panel the next time you login at account.34sp.com.

What’s new in the Control Panel?

The new control panel brings lots of useful enhancements to your website management interface. We’ve refined the interfaces so navigating your products is quicker and easier than ever before. The all-new sidebar means you’ll be able to access all your essential tools in just a click or two, no matter where you are.

We’ve also created a ‘My Support’ area, where you can get access to 34SP.com technical support tools. Whether its searching our Knowledge Base or replying to a support ticket, you can do it all from inside the new 34SP.com control panel.

What is the 34SP.com Control Panel?

The 34SP.com control panel is the interface all 34SP.com customers to use manage their websites and other account settings, such as billing information. Our control panel makes complex tasks simple. With an strong emphasis on usability, the control panel has been designed specifically around the needs of 34SP.com users.