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Thai buffet

We’ve blogged about the Pacific Chinese restaurant before. Another favourite is the Pacific Thai buffet. It’s on the floor above the Chinese restaurant and you enter through the same door. Once shown to your table, you’re pretty much left to your own devices in the usual buffet style – go to the collection of food, pick up a plate or bowl, load it up and tuck in!

There are a few distinct collections of food on offer. The first table has soups, noodles and various additions to the soup – chilli oil and the like. The next is the main course selection, which has been different every time we’ve been there. Today highlights included a green vegetable curry, a red chicken curry and farmhouse duck. Phil’s a particular fan of red curry and had at least 3 plates on this visit! There’s a table with various dim sum to be chosen from, along with bowls of sauces to have with these; sweet and sour, sweet chilli and the rest of the usual suspects.

At the next table is a chef waiting to make spring rolls to order. She usually has a few standard ones prepared but if there are certain ingredients that aren’t to your liking, she will be more than happy to make a roll just for you. The spring rolls are very refreshing and Olly counts them as a favourite, consuming an incredible 9 on this visit!

I haven’t visited the Thai buffet in the evenings, but if you’re in Manchester and fancy a variety of oriental food for £6.95 at lunchtime, you can’t go too far wrong with the Pacific Thai buffet.