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SSL is easier, simpler and cheaper in 2017

This month sees the completion of our ongoing project to revamp our SSL services for our managed hosting customers. Beginning back in 2016 our goal was:

Our SSL updates completed this week fulfill those four goals and moving forward we will offer just two simple SSL options to all managed customers:

SSL will now only be provisioned to websites hosted and managed by 34SP.com. In order to ensure we can reliably manage, automate and secure our SSL processes, we will longer sell SSL certificates to be used externally to 34SP.com, nor to those sites we don’t directly manage.

If you have a current SSL certificate in use externally, you simply won’t be able to renew that with us when the time comes. The certificate will naturally lapse once its existing paid time ends.

For managed clients, if you have an existing OV/DV Globalsign certificate with us, as it comes to lapse, we will automatically replace that with a Let’s Encrypt certificate for you for free.

Finally, if you run a business and need validated SSL to give your clients extra confidence, we will be dropping the price of EV SSL from £350 per year to just £150 per year. The massive price reduction should hopefully make EV SSL a far more viable option for more businesses to adopt.

For users of non managed 34SP.com hosting such as VPS and dedicated, you will need to acquire your SSL certificates from a suitable third party. As ever, if you need hands on help with your server, our systems admin team are available at a rate of £15/15 minutes (in office hours).