SPF and how it can help you

Are you tired of receiving bounce emails and junk messages from your domain, which you didn’t send? SPF or “Sender Policy Framework” is a tool can help the situation. Most spam email is delivered using a ‘spoofed’ reply address. This means that spam is typically sent using an active domain name in the reply address. The domain name used may be yours; being linked to the delivery of spam is a clearly undesirable situation and your domain may lose credibility with certain mail providers as a result.

SPF is a tool can help to reduce this nuisance. We add a simple DNS record to your account as follows:

“v=spf1 a mx a:smtp.34sp.com -all”

This DNS record specifies the valid mailservers for your domain name. Receiving mail servers are thus able to verify whether the authentic mail server for your domain was used to send the email or not. Using this technique spam email delivered using spoofed reply addresses can be identified by SPF compatible mail servers.

If you would like SPF enabling on your account please email us help@34sp.com (be sure to include your domain name in the email). Please note that with SPF enabled you must use your 34SP.com mail service to send email (using either our SMTP service or webmail) for your domain.

Please note: Adding an SPF record will prevent others spamming using your email address as the sender, If you wish to stop spam arriving to your mailbox however we recommend greylisting or our spam filtering service.

For more information on SPF see http://www.openspf.org


There are 3 comments on “SPF and how it can help you

  1. ione July 1, 2007

    I will like to star using SPF because of the big quantities of junk mail.



  2. Amanda July 10, 2007

    the info@uncoveregypt is being used more and more to receive junk mail trash…can you help with this?

  3. James Winspear July 31, 2007

    Can you set me up to start using SPF as I get a lot of span emails.