Shelter for Humanity

This month is helping to support the efforts of Shelter for Humanity – currently working in the Philippines to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

The Shelter for Humanity team is small, but as is often the case, small operations have the capacity to cut through bureaucracy. The team are currently repairing buildings and overseeing the distribution of 200 emergency tents, each of which will provide clean, dry accommodation for a whole family. Each tent comes complete with shovels and axes to clear debris.

Shelter for Humanity aim to ensure that tents are just a temporary solution, with additional support provided to ensure that refugee camps don’t become a permanent fixture, but are able to develop back into self-supporting communities with permanent structures including schools, medical facilities and community centres.

Two additional teams from Shelter for Humanity are on alert and ready to travel to the Philippines to support the work started by the first response team.

If you too would like to support the efforts of the team, donations can be made via

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