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Shared or Managed VPS Hosting? Which is better?

In the past, VPS hosting has been chosen only by people with the ability to manage a server themselves. Today it is much easier for everyone to have their own VPS hosting, especially with 34SP.com. We have numerous managed VPS hosting plans, making superior hosting more accessible alongside the same great support you are used to.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a container on a physical server that you can use for many types of custom website and email configurations, with a set amount of resources set aside for your use. VPSs are generally used by clients who need an increased level of flexibility for their hosting. Most budget plans you can find on the market are shared hosting, meaning your site is sharing a pool of resources with other sites, allowing providers to keep costs low at the expense of reduced performance and resources for each site.

At 34SP.com we would recommend you choose VPS or containerised hosting wherever possible. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both VPS hosting and shared hosting:

Shared Hosting


At 34SP.com we like to cater for everyone. If you feel you fit into this category we will happily provide a hosting platform to suit you. We call it Professional Hosting. You can host your website and emails at a lower cost while benefiting from our UK based support and server management.


Managed VPS Hosting


At 34SP.com we recommend managed VPS hosting wholeheartedly. We have a dedicated WordPress hosting platform for WordPress websites, we have a business hosting package, perfect for e-commerce websites. We also have our containerised reseller hosting, for better performance if you have multiple websites. Enquire today!


If you need a VPS hosting plan with no management we offer those too!

Like any hosting plan, there are pros and cons to VPS hosting and it’s important that you understand cheaper is not always better. At 34SP.com we offer value for money hosting platforms as we believe the quality of the hosting itself along with great support are the two most important qualities you should look for in a hosting provider. We recommend VPS style hosting as the right path for most of our clients.

Please do call and speak to us today for advice on the best hosting plan for you.

-Siobhan @34SPSiobhan @34SP