Setting Up Your Email Accounts

Today’s blog post comes courtesy of the support department. While many clients are setting up website hosting accounts or dedicated servers, the majority of questions we see coming into support pertain to email. So I thought it would be handy to show some of the most used features available and best methods for running your email monthly. The following guides are for our standard email and do not relate to spam filtering services or our new at mail system.

There are a number of choices when choosing to create your mail box:

You can create mail aliases for you mail box that allows more than one address to go to that box.
You can create a mail redirect that simply sends mail on to an existing mailbox.
You can create an actual mailbox for POP3 and IMAP that you log into to check your email using either outlook or webmail.

1) Often people would enable ‘Catchall’ on their accounts so that mails to various names would all arrive at one mailbox. Sadly however with spammers rife, this method fills your mailbox with unwanted Viagra and enlargement emails.

The way to work around this is to create ‘mail aliases’. For example:

Your main mailbox is and you would like to catch mail for and (to catch typing errors).

So you click on the info mail box in Plesk and choose ‘add new mail alias’. Then put in the alias name you would like. That’s it. As simple as that.

Should you decide later to use any of the used aliases as real mailboxes you will need to remove them first.

2) If you just want to create a mailbox redirect to, say your Google address, simply click ‘Create new mailbox’ in Plesk and enter the name of the mail box you would like and then untick the mailbox option at the bottom of the screen. (No need to set a password as you won’t be logging on for mail). This will warn you no mail will work and simply accept this warning. Now click ‘Redirect’. Tick ‘Redirect and enter into the box the name of the email address you want to send mails to. Once you click ‘Ok’ that’s it – it’s set. (Many people forget to ‘untick’ mailbox when creating these which then builds up mail on the server and causes unwanted emails about being over space to occur.)

3) If you just want to create a mailbox you can use with Outlook and view using webmail simply click ‘Add new mailbox’ provide the name of the mailbox you would like and set a password in the two password boxes. ( Be sure to set your password – as it is a common mistake to not set one and then be unable to log into mail.) That’s it the mailbox is created and ready for use.

Hopefully this covers some of the most used options for mail and helps you start to get the most our of your email account. As always, our support team is also here to help in any way we can. So if you need help with email or anything else related to your account, please do get in touch.


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