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Say hello to Olly

You may remember us advertising for a new team member a couple of months ago. Interviews were conducted and we’re pleased to introduce Olly to everyone. He’s been here a week so far and seems to have survived. He turned up this morning after his first weekend off so we think he might secretly like it.

Olly will be working on e-mail support during the week for the time being. Once he tells us he’s ready, we’ll let him loose on the phones and on weekend support.

The lovely mug shot you see here was taken in Tampopo, one of our favourite restaurants. We’re working on doing the rounds of all our usual haunts to introduce Olly to the varied cuisine that Manchester has to offer. We’ve got a long way to go at one restaurant a week, but it’ll be fun visiting them all again!

We were chatting after finishing our meal today when Mike revealed something he hates. Nails on a blackboard? Nope. The sound of balloons being rubbed together? Nope. Perhaps something as simple as spiders? Not a chance. Mike, it seems, can’t stand cotton wool! Everyone has some irrational fear or hate of something, but can anyone beat cotton wool? Let us know in the comments below if you think you can top it!