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You may remember us advertising for a new team member a couple of months ago. Interviews were conducted and we’re pleased to introduce Olly to everyone. He’s been here a week so far and seems to have survived. He turned up this morning after his first weekend off so we think he might secretly like it.

Olly will be working on e-mail support during the week for the time being. Once he tells us he’s ready, we’ll let him loose on the phones and on weekend support.

The lovely mug shot you see here was taken in Tampopo, one of our favourite restaurants. We’re working on doing the rounds of all our usual haunts to introduce Olly to the varied cuisine that Manchester has to offer. We’ve got a long way to go at one restaurant a week, but it’ll be fun visiting them all again!

We were chatting after finishing our meal today when Mike revealed something he hates. Nails on a blackboard? Nope. The sound of balloons being rubbed together? Nope. Perhaps something as simple as spiders? Not a chance. Mike, it seems, can’t stand cotton wool! Everyone has some irrational fear or hate of something, but can anyone beat cotton wool? Let us know in the comments below if you think you can top it!

Daniel Foster

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  1. Welcome Olly. Big question is, will Olly hide himself as well as Phil has? 😉

    . o O (wonder if I need to post anything to the office that I can pack in cotton wool. F.A.O. Mike) 😀

  2. Hello Olly, hope the big guy there is looking after you and you are settling in well.
    The sound of knives scrapping on plates I detest, not all plates do it, just them matt type ones… it’s like the chalk board scene from jaws.. also
    hugely dislike “squ*d” (replace * with I) i’ve had to block it out coz i wretch at the very thought if it. blugh! i really don’t know why.. but when ever i hear the word.. that’s it.. i’m off wretching all over the place.. so.. you can imagine when my partner comes home from work on a monday, i dread asking him where he’s been for lunch and what he’s had..ok.. gonna have to go or change the subject now, i can feel a blughhhhhhh coming on..
    laters xx

  3. Welcome Olly. I envy you, I really do 🙂

    Expect to hear from me when Queeg’s backups stop working or something equally as anal.

    As for the cotton wool thing, just imagine chewing it. Bwaaaahahaaaa, etc.

  4. Cotton wool? I’m exactly the same! It makes such a horrible noise when someone squeezes it. Everyone thinks I’m mad, but it actually sends a shiver down my spine!

  5. Hi Olly,

    i think you will get to know my dulcit tones frequently as our little company expands somewhat by September! As CEO, I am meant not to be worried,concerned or scared……..shame I’m honest then isn’t it. We’re also excited of course, so I expect Olly will end up answering really simple stuff for him (but not for me) re our site hosting and expansion, looking forward to working with ya !


  6. Olly, dolly, oily?

    Enough of this restaurant business and cotton wool frivolity. Get some bloody work done!

    Need to set up the site this weekend, please cotton wool me asap. Oh! yes… Get a shave.


  7. I think I have a odd dislike..

    I can not stand any type of seafood. When I goto my local super market counter I cant walk pass the fish counter without wanting to vomit… and i really cant stand people who have fish and chips and eat them near me..

    Does that make me a bit odd?

  8. Hi Olly..hope you ar enjoying the new job.

    I hate the feel of furry peaches and velvet, they give me goose bumps!

    Take care

  9. Hi Olly…If your on email support, I just emailed a problem, so you might be the one helping me out.

    Cotton Wool eh? I have a massive fear of spiders, but what irritates me is Pollystyrene – I can’t touch the stuff, its goes through my bloood! YUCK!

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