As of today we’re formally sunsetting our unmanaged VPS platform. The option to create new VPS containers on our site will no longer be available. Existing users will be able to keep their plans for the time being. We haven’t yet discussed internally when we might look at removing these.

We’re removing the plan from sale as it has become increasingly out of line with what we focus on providing – managed services with hands on support, 365 days a year.

There are a range of companies such as OVH and Digital Ocean that provide simple containers at tremendously low prices. Price levels that don’t make sense for us to compete at. Moreover the likes of AWS provide stack features and scaling way beyond what we could ever hope to match as a small company. For these reasons we’ve decided to retire the plan and focus more on what we do best.

Again, we have no plans to immediately retire existing accounts should you wish to keep them active. We will of course give any current users plenty of notice before any final shut down occurs.