Reseller Hosting updates

After more than a year since launching our Reseller Hosting platform in April 2015, we’re pleased to announce several updates to the product which will be applied to all new Reseller Hosting accounts. If you’re an existing Reseller Hosting customer and would like your account upgraded, simply get in touch with our support team.


New Reseller Hosting updates include…


Unlimited sites

The first major update is the official introduction of our Reseller Unlimited package. Created for web professionals managing multiple sites, the Reseller Unlimited package is a managed VPS with no restrictions on the number of sites you can create.

Current Reseller Hosting users limited to 30 sites can upgrade to Reseller Unlimited via the Control Panel, for an additional £5.00 per month. For information on how to do this, please read our Knowledge Base article ‘How to upgrade your Reseller Hosting account’.


Plesk 12.5

All new Reseller Hosting accounts ship with Plesk 12.5, the latest version of the popular control panel. Plesk 12.5 has a raft of new features and a redesigned interface to give you even more control and flexibility when managing your sites.

New features include

•    Incremental backup support
•    Opcode cache support
•    php-fpm support
•    Improved scheduled task interface
•    New ‘Plesk Repair’ tool
•    Improved database management
•    Improved site preview
•    New ‘Log Browser’ tool
•    New interface with responsive design


Updates to PHP

Reseller Hosting now runs PHP 5.6 by default (upgraded from PHP 5.5). Should you wish to, you can now deploy PHP 7 on any of your Reseller Hosting sites. The much anticipated release of PHP 7 sees a major increase in performance, with some benchmark tests reporting that PHP 7 will run twice as fast as PHP 5.6 in most real world applications.

We don’t recommend using PHP 7 with existing sites without testing first, as this can lead to unforeseen issues with deprecated code. PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf has shared a Vagrant VM for anyone looking to experiment or test their current code with PHP 7.


Updates to MySQL

We’ve also updated Reseller Hosting databases to MySQL 5.6. With improved performance and scalability, MYSQL 5.6 benefits range from faster query speeds to enhanced InnoDB integration.


Let’s Encrypt certificates

All new Reseller Hosting is packaged with one click Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate deployment, meaning you can setup free SSL/TLS across your sites with minimal fuss. We’re written a helpful guide for all new and existing Reseller Hosting customers, titled ‘How to install a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate’.


Improved security

We’ve updated the Reseller Hosting security suite with Fail2Ban. Using automated IP address banning, Fail2Ban helps protect against brute force attacks across all your sites.

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