Removal of Plesk licenses

Last week we formally ended the sale of standalone Plesk licenses. While we only sell a very small amount of licenses directly, this does affect a small percentage of clients.

Moving forward our containerised solutions are as follows:


WordPress Hosting

If you’re hosting one or more WordPress sites, this is the preferred solution. Built from the ground up using our own software, the platform is optimised for WordPress performance and security. The plan will host three websites as standard for 14.95 per month, and is a vastly superior solution to anything else we offer to host WordPress. The team will support you as much as we can.


Business Hosting

If you need a containerised solution but don’t run WordPress – this should be your choice of hosting plan. This scalable container can be configured and optimised to your site’s specific needs. We can typically install any software you need and tweak the hosting environment to your site’s requirements. You’ll need to let us know your website’s demands in advance but our team will work with you to get the plan configured as such.


Reseller Hosting

This solution runs the popular Plesk control panel on a container and allows for unlimited site creation under a white label domain. This means you’re free to be your own shared webhost, with no mention of 1st level support is your responsibility – this means items like installing scripts, setting up mailboxes, creating databases and so forth. Our support team can step in and assist if you see any system level errors with the container or Plesk tool itself – anything that prevents you from using the platform.

The WordPress, Reseller and Business plans are all managed hosting plans. This means we configure the servers for you in advance, monitor the servers once they go live and automatically apply updates to the core software on the server. If you experience any downtime or performance issues with your hosted sites – our team will step in to diagnose and fix best we can.


VPS Hosting

This is a completely vanilla, unmanaged OpenVZ container. This is purely an infrastructure component with zero management from; you’re free to do whatever you like, provided it fits our terms and conditions. This product is intended for system level administrators who need a completely blank canvas where the hosting company has made zero assumptions for them. We ensure the container is up and network accessible, and that’s where our support stops.

In the past we have offered Plesk as a standalone product for purchase, as our range of containerised products didn’t fit every client need. Some clients ended up with very unique configurations of VPS and Plesk products tailored to their own needs. With the ending of Plesk license sales, we’re also ending this approach.

Why? With our current line up of managed products, a VPS isn’t an ideal solution to host websites – at least if you need to manage the platform on your behalf. With the WordPress, Business and Reseller options we’ve developed hosting platforms that we think are suitable solutions for each use case. We understand each of our platforms in detail, but creating custom VPS and Plesk installations on a per user basis (where the user can also tinker with the setup) creates an unmanageable mountain of disparate accounts.

Clients are still free to purchase any third party license they want and install that on their VPS, we just won’t support that. Again VPS’es are intended for users who are comfortable managing their own hosting environment, it’s why we price them so low. If you need us to support and manage your hosting platform we need complete control of the hosting environment.

Current clients that have a VPS and Plesk license will still receive the same support that has been offered in the past. That means that any meaningful support is charged at 15GBP per 15mins. The first 15 minutes are free each month, which is essentially our way of at least helping diagnose any issues for free. Again though, any in depth work on your system is billable.

Over the coming weeks and months, our team will be reaching out to existing users of legacy solutions. If you’re on a less than perfect setup for your needs, in light of our new containerised solutions, we will help you migrate to where you need to be.

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