Right on the heels of being named as a reliable host in the UK for the month of May 2009 by independent rating agency Netcraft, 34SP.com has garnered yet another industry honour – being awarded the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award by Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide.

Founded in 1999, Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide has developed a reliable and experienced staff of knowledgeable and hard working individuals that have deep roots in the Internet. The company has acknowledged experience, a fantastic reputation, and a true dedication to the web hosting industry.

The Editor’s Choice Awards as described by Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide are ”given to those web host industry companies that provide services and products that we deem to be above and beyond that of their peers. The Editors’ Choice Awards are chosen by the editors of Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide in part from our review rating criteria, along with input from our independent review panel, reader’s reviews, and other factors.”

In conferring this honor on 34SP.com, Web Host Magazine recognized the reliability of our website hosting services. The Award paragraph reads in part, ”Reliability, it is a most formidable word. How reliable a web host is depends greatly on site uptimes of the clients, but the word goes even further. A reliable host is a host you can call or email with a question or problem and you get a speedy reply. Just about every host says they are reliable but of those only some manage to back it up. 34SP.com is one of those hosts.”

The company goes on to say simply, ”For their reliable web hosting, 34SP.com receives an Editors’ Choice Award.”

34SP.com would like to recognize our very talented Network Operations and Systems Engineering staff for their contributions to this award. It is so important to honour the hard work that these tireless individuals undertake at all hours of the day and night – often on weekends or holidays – to keep 34SP.com available for our clients and their websites.

Don’t forget that 34SP.com is also your source for great business hosting and .co.uk domains as well.


There are 11 comments on “Reliable Hosting…Again

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    Ed June 23, 2009

    Well done! I couldn’t agree more with the comments of Web Host Magazine & Buyer’s Guide’s editors.

    ‘Honour’ though, not ‘honor’, surely (para. 1 & 4)?

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    Andrew Miller June 23, 2009

    This can not be true. You have totally failed me with regards to hosting and customer service over the past couple of years and in the past couple of weeks you have messed up my hosting to the point I have changed suppliers – and you still are messing up the transfer of DNS name servers!

    The fact that you won this is outrageous.

    Andrew Miller
    Rubus Consultants

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    Daniel June 24, 2009


    This is in fact true. Here is a link to the Award page at Web Host Magazine: http://webhostmagazine.com/ec/award.asp?id=519.

    Further, in terms of reliability, 34SP.com was recently ranked higher than many of our large publicly held competitors such as Rackspace and Datapipe by independent auditing agency Netcraft.com as well. The results of those tests for the month of May can be seen here: http://uptime.netcraft.com/perf/reports/performance/Hosters?tn=may_2009. You can see that 34SP.com ranked 13th most reliable in the world.

    With regard to your recent customer service experience, I am truly sorry that we were not able to meet or exceed your service expectations. However, the fact remains that when we recently surveyed our entire client base, 98% of our current clients said that they would recommend 34SP.com. Additionally, we solicit feedback from every support transaction and our ratings are consistently graded as “5” or “Excellent” by the vast majority of clients. If you’d care to see just a very small sample of actual quoted client feedback, you can see a few that are posted each day on our Twitter account at: http://www.twitter.com/34SP.

    Here at 34SP.com we appreciate the opportunity you have given us over the past few years to host your sites and domains. All I can say is that we will take to heart the constructive criticism that you have taken the time to provide to us, and re-double our efforts to provide service and reliability that exceeds expectations.

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    Derek June 24, 2009


    Cheers! Fixed that up.

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    David Stringer June 30, 2009

    I have hosted many sites with 34SP.com over many years. I have found them very personable and helpful at all times, either by email or telephone.

    I recommended a friend to them many years ago. My friend, who relies on his site for a living, cannot speak too highly of their services and did so only a couple of days ago to me!

    Congratulations on your highly deserved award 34SP.com. Long may it continue!

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    Ian July 2, 2009

    and now number 5 overall in July.

    Well done!

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    Simon July 2, 2009

    Great, and well deserved! I host over 20 sites with you, including one very high-profile one, and you have been brilliant.

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    Michael Ball July 7, 2009

    34SP deserve to win acclaim for their services.
    I was sorry to read Andrew Miller’s comment (message sent June 23rd in the list of replies here) as it seems clear that Andrew’s unfortunate experience with 34SP was not at all typical.
    I’ve had accounts with 34SP for five years now, and would happily recommend them to anyone. I have transferred lots of hosting accounts from larger companies (including UK Reg/Fasthosts, 1and1, Easyspace), whose support services were in my experience not a patch on the service offered by 34SP.

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    Pat July 8, 2009

    Well done all! Really sorry to read Andrew Miller’s comments which couldn’t be further from my experience. In the 6 (or is it 7) years I’ve been with 34sp I have nothing but praise. I currently host around 150 domains between reseller and vps and the service has been exceptional. Of course there are problems from time to time but the test of great service is how well problems are dealt with and on this the team have regularly responded with efficiency, speed and good humour.

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    Jules July 15, 2009

    Well done, a well deserved win. Your service has always been absolutely first rate and I always recommend you to anyone who needs an ISP. I’ve been with 34SP now for about 5 years and never had a single complaint.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Joanne August 4, 2009

    Well done on your award, I have hosted with you for the past 7 years and found your customer service to be absolutely excellent, even when I have made some pretty stupid errors you have always been great to deal with and fixed the problem even though it has been through my lack of technical knowledge.

    Last week I had to deal with Demon.com hosting for a client, their service levels are somewhere around a 0 out of 10, with call centres based round the world somewhere and their technical knowledge lakcing. You definitely stand our compated to them

    It seems a shame that Andrew Miller had a bad experience with you, it must have been a one off as I have always found you responsive, kind and courteous. I always recommend you to clients and wouldn’t think of hosting anywhere else. Keep up the good work the level of customer service you provide is rare indeed!


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