Refer a friend and your hosting is free

It’s as simple as the headline says, refer a friend to and both you and your friend receive a free month of service.

The scheme itself couldn’t be easier:

1) Give your friend your hosted domain name
2) During signup, they enter your domain name in the referral field
3) After they complete purchase, your domain receives a free month and so does your friend’s

This applies to all our standard hosting products: Professional Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Business Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

There are no hidden rules or restrictions and the value of the plans doesn’t matter – a pro account can refer a reseller plan and vice versa. There are no minimum contract terms for referred accounts and you can even refer yourself!

Credit is applied instantly in real time and both you and your friend will receive an email confirming the free time has been processed. There’s no limit to the amount of referral time you can earn either!

It really is that simple, refer a friend, earn free hosting!

Stuart Melling

Hi! I am the the co-founder of and Business Development Director; I've been at this hosting lark for more than twenty two years, ulp.. I oversee multiple areas of our business to ensure products and services are meeting our customer's needs. You can get in touch over on LinkedIn or replying to any of most posts. In my spare time I am exceptionally interested in food and drink, I run several food website and am a multi-award winning, food and drink writer.

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