Recommending to a Friend

The majority of new customers come to us because they have been recommended to us by an existing customer. In fact, customer surveys reveal that fully 98 percent of customers would refer us to a friend. This is the biggest compliment we can get, to know that you are personally helping to grow our community by recommending our hosting services.

Recommendations hold more weight than any advert, press release or sale you can think of. It’s also the best feedback, we know we are getting it right for you. This is the reason we pump more than 10 times the funding and time into our in house team that we do our marketing budget. is determined to provide ‘Exceptional Service and Support’, after all it is our motto!

“We only hire people onto our team who share our obsession with excellence, because we honestly believe the customer comes first, second and third.”
Stuart Melling, Business Director and Founder


Recommendations Don’t Go Unnoticed

It’s only right that we reward you for recommending! So how do we do it? If you haven’t already, take some time to read Refer A Friend to It’s simple to do.

You earn a FREE month of website hosting and so does your referee when you recommend us. 🙂

How do you do it?

Simple. When a the referee signs up online for a product, make sure they have your domain name handy. To the referee! Signing up for hosting is easy, just follow the steps and when you have gotten to the ‘View Basket‘ page don’t be so hasty to click on Proceed to checkout… make sure you have the referrer’s domain name ready to type in the box, remove the www. , just the domain will do!


It is automatic when you do it this way, but it’s not the only way, you can give sales your details when you call the sales line on 0161 9873434 too. Manual referrals can be done, just ask our sales or support team about it.

Hundreds of people have used our referral service so don’t miss out on it, if you tell a friend about us, tell them to look out for that box at the checkout. It doesn’t hurt and is a genuine Thank You for recommending our services and for reading our blog. We have a dedicated team of Engineers and Technical Customer Service Reps, all of them committed to helping you and most of them known by name and voice to you.

It goes without saying that we appreciate every recommendation, review and article you write about us. Any feedback you give us on support tickets is seen by all staff and directors. We love to read what you write, it helps us to make the right choices! A sample from one of today’s feedback that both myself and another member of support dealt with, goes as follows:

“Fantastic support, bending over backwards to help and nothing is too much trouble. Great to know I will speak to someone pretty much straight away, rather than go through 10 mins of phone options!”

Please make sure you are giving us feedback when we’ve dealt with a case of yours and reference any ticket numbers. If you would like to write a review on us we use certain websites and Twitter, so email me at and I can send you the links.

-Siobhan @34SPSiobhan @34SP


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