Rails 2.0 Hosting Comes to

Manchester, United Kingdom January 14, 2008 — With the recent release of Rails 2.0 has moved quickly to deploy a dependable Ruby on Rails hosting solution. Rails hosting is based on the company’s powerful and reliable VPS hosting platform.

Ruby on Rails is the current hot programming language and web application framework. Rails speeds up the creation of complicated database-driven web applications and keeps the tedious bottom layer code hidden from view, leaving you to get on with creating the application itself.

Daniel Foster,’s technical director explained “Ruby on Rails doesn’t work well in a shared hosting environment, so to take full advantage of its benefits you’ll need your own server. A full dedicated server can be prohibitively expensive, so the VPS hosting solution provides the ideal stepping stone. The Rails VPS is already configured to run Rails applications with with an Apache frontend, so you’re free to get coding right away.

As the resources on your VPS aren’t shared with other users, you can guarantee that the performance of your application won’t suffer from other applications using all your memory and CPU time. If the server is under-utilised you can also burst above your own memory and processor limits.

The basic plan allows a generous allocation of RAM and all our VPS servers use quad Xeon technology to ensure your site always responds quickly.”

The base VPS hosting plan is competitively priced and fully geared for Rails support out of the box. Additionally offers a range of add-on services to ensure a smooth experience. From the popular Plesk control panel software to expert hands-on support.

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