A quick guide to error codes

We’ve all been there – your day is going swimmingly and then all of a sudden, crash, bang, wallop – your website is now displaying a mysterious error message or maybe has completely disappeared. The phone is ringing off the hook with confused customers and panic is setting in. What…happened?

Whilst we do our hardest to keep servers running, errors can creep in to the even the most well oiled machine. And usually at the most inopportune time, too. For most website owners, the answer is to pick up the phone and call us, or maybe drop us an email. We’re here seven days a week to assist as you need. We do advise checking our status page first just in case there’s a major known event: https://status.34sp.com

More intermediate level users might have already started digging around in their log files to get to the bottom of the fault. Usually you’ll find a simple error code explaining what’s happened. Well, I say explain but more often than not, the three digit code alone can be confusing for some. Here’s a list of the common error response codes you might find if hosting with 34SP.com:

Error 401

Oh dear. You’ve fallen foul of our security system and your IP address will be appearing in our security logs. Repeated offences will result in your IP address suffering a complete server block. Get in touch with our support team ASAP (with your IP address and access time handy) so we can see what security system your actions are triggering. More often than not this is a false positive and we can remove the block right away.

Error 403

Oh dear again. The permissions on your file/s are wrong, very wrong. If you’ve been working on some new code or installation, the first step would be to review the documentation and ensure you have the correct file permissions in place. Get in touch if you’re not sure about file permissions, this is usually a quick and simple fix.

Error 429

You’ve triggered one of our Anti DDoS systems, specifically by sending too many HTTP requests to PHP within a short time frame. Slow your roll!

Error 451

The site is suspended for legal reasons, if you’ve actually seen this one you are in the minority, this error code is very rare.

Error 500

Your code, quite frankly, sucks. Sorry. Check your PHP error logs for more info.

Error 502

Something is actually wrong with the server at 34SP.com. PHP, MariaDB, Redis, Nginx – something that works to serve your site has fallen over and died. Check our status page, we’re probably working on this already as we monitor services quite aggressively. Feel free to give us a call though if you’re not sure.

Error 503

The proxy site hasn’t responded, this should only happen if using the Nginx proxy options, again very rare.

Error 504

Snoooozeeeee. Your site is running exceptionally slowly and the request to load the page has taken more then 180 seconds. A three minute load time means something is seriously wrong, either with your server or an external resource. Get in touch; we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction if you need.