Professional Hosting Debuts!

As I’m sure you already know, has always tried to deliver the highest value and service at reasonable prices. That is why we are really excited to tell you about some big changes for 2009. recently sent out surveys to all of our clients. After reading thousands of surveys and literally tens of thousands of personal responses from you, we have determined that we can offer significantly improved hosting plans to better suit your needs.

Therefore, after very careful consideration and consultation with many current clients, is proud to announce a range of improvements to our product line up. Beginning today, we are re-launching our website and debuting our new ”Professional Hosting” package. The package reflects what our clients told us they needed to grow – more space, more resources and more features. Critically, our clients told us that weekly backups, SMTP, and spam filtering should be free as well, and we listened to that too. The new plan breaks down as follows:

5GB storage
20GB transfer per month
FREE spam and virus filtering
FREE weekly backups
100 mailboxes
100 subdomains
10 database
Shell access
Java support

The new Professional Hosting plan is priced at 3.95 per month. There is no minimum contract, and every plan is sold with a 30 day money back guarantee. As part of this update we will also be retiring the Personal Hosting product. Any Personal Hosting account that you already have active, can be kept and renewed as long as you like, at your existing price. No new Personal hosting plans will be available from April 6th.

Existing business, reseller and VPS plans will all be boosted in line with the new pro hosting plans. Check out our product pages here on the website to see the specification boosts.

These account changes are also accompanied by a brand new look for our website at We have also made significant improvements to our support department. We have expanded our support team, revamped our knowledge base, and added more phone lines to reduce phone wait times. Support hours have also been extended to 8am → 8pm every week day. You can contact us via email, live chat on our website, or phone.

We are very excited about these improvements and are sure you will be too. If you have any queries about these changes please drop us an email to or use our new live chat feature.


There are 23 comments on “Professional Hosting Debuts!

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    Double Sided April 6, 2009

    Great stuff! I like the new features and opening time for phone support. New SEO site is looking good too!

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    Gary April 7, 2009

    While I’m sure this will enhance the business, I for one, am disappointed by the news that the lower spec Personal Hosting has been withdrawn.

    I understand that my own plan won’t change (yet, on the compare page, it seems to suggest a base rate of £26.88 rather than £17.95?), but I’ll be less reluctant now to recommend you – particularly to those people who just wanted a small bit of space, with no fancy features like backups or SMTP, very little data transfer, but more control of the setup than what a free or ISP hosting could offer.

    Allowing a simple package, with lots of options to tailor it was great. This change however has reduced those choices.

    “[W]eekly backups, SMTP, and spam filtering should be free as well, and we listened to that too.” Forcing users to have it, whether they want it or not, then charging a higher price for that package does not make it free in the slightest.

    In your pursuit for bigger and better things (which you deserve), you’ve left the little guys behind.

    Professional Hosting, great! Withdrawing Personal Hosting, extremely disappointing.

  3. Avatar
    Derek Law April 7, 2009

    I’m not complaining, because you are keeping the existing Personal Hosting plans going, but I would like to know how the comparison chart at comes out at £2.24/month.

    The price of a Personal Hosting account is £17.95/year which is only £1.49/month

  4. Avatar
    Stuart April 7, 2009

    Gary: Personal hosting will still be kept for those who already have the plan, at the same price you have now, for as long as you like.

    Ultimately though we have never positioned ourselves as a small step up from a free/ISP hosting service. We hire and train very experienced and skilled staff. We are aiming to provide top notch support.

    Derek: You are correct, the price seems wrong. I will have someone look at that.

  5. Avatar
    Martin April 7, 2009

    It is a nice new package and I will probably be taking advantage of it however I must echo the laments at the dropping of the personal package.
    It was an excellent starting point for many and I have pointed a lot of people to it over the years I have been with you.
    Not everyone with a website is a business and do not need all the features in this new package.

  6. Avatar
    Stuart April 7, 2009

    Martin: I appreciate the feedback, it is very valuable for us.

    The older personal hosting was simply not meeting our customers needs. Uptake was very low, and general feedback indicated it had many flaws.

    If you compare the new professional hosting account to other leading UK hosts, it is the equal, if not better of the competing packages.

  7. Avatar
    Gordon S Valentine April 7, 2009

    I think it’s very bad that you are withdrawing Personal Hosting, since it means to host lots of websites, it’s going to end up costing me more. I think it’s time for me to start looking for a new host.

  8. Avatar
    Stuart April 8, 2009

    Gordon: I am really sorry to hear that, we will certainly miss your continued business.

    We do still feel that the Professional hosting represents really great value. The account costs less than 15pence per day, and comes with everything you might need to run a succesful website.

    Don’t forget there is no minimum contract either, so you can host your site for as little or as long as you need.

  9. Avatar
    Gordon S Valentine April 9, 2009

    Right now host four websites with yourselves, which costs me £71.8. How it’s going to cost £189.6, which is hell of a lot of money. I have been using your up till now great service, since 2003.

    I do think your going to have to remove the 98% of clients would recommend us. I will no longer be doing that. I am sure lots of other people will stop too.

  10. Avatar
    Dave Stubbs April 10, 2009

    I have set up many clients on 34sp over the years after 34 was suggested to me mainly due to the personal hosting package, Then at approx £12/year. But now? Well will have to see.

    I understand business has to move with the times and the market but I do think that someone at 34sp is getting a little power happy and hast lost touch.

    Dont turn your back on the small guy, without us you would not be there.

    i have to say the attention to detail I was used to certainly has gone. Incorrect prices on your site. Poorly configured servers. I have recently purchased a pro account and have nothing but trouble with it. Although nothing too major, but I expected better from you guys..

    i used to swear by you guys but i have lost the faith a little lets hope it can be restored.

    Good luck and thanks for many years of fantastic service…

  11. Avatar
    Stuart April 10, 2009

    Dave: I agree, the personal accounts over the years has helped to grow to where it is today. But for the future? As I have mentioned before, sales and feedback on the old accounts were quite poor. We had to take a decision on how to compete in an evolving marketplace.

    Regarding your point about attention to detail, I’d like to think we still have that. The price on the site is correct. I forgot to address the point earlier up the thread. Personal hosting was never availavble at 1.50/month. If you paid monthly the price was always 2.24 per month. The price was always higher (//8 rather than /12) to cover the additional credit card fees of monthly billing.

    As for the server configuration. Drop us an email to support and we will happily look at what you need changing. The pro hosting is very new, and running of some very new and complex hardware. The level of sophistication involved is far higher than the personal accounts. We are aiming for a substantially more powerful and reliable system with massively less downtime.

    There may be a few minor bugs left to iron out, but that is the nature of any new service. Just let us know any issue and we will have it fixed ASAP for you.

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

  12. Avatar
    Stuart April 10, 2009

    I forgot to also add, we are keeping all existing personal accounts right where they are. I hope that goes some way to addressing the point of not forgetting all the customers who have grown the company to date.

  13. Avatar
    Andrew Brampton April 11, 2009

    I am also very disappointed that personal hosting has been dropped. I was about to recommend to some friends, but now I see it is not possible for them to sign up.

    Instead they will most likely go with another hosting company which is cheaper and provides more features. However, those kinds of companies never have good reliability or support.

    Ah well, I’ll keep my personal account with 34sp as long as I can, but sooner or later I will have to migrate elsewhere 🙁 Anyone have any good recommendations?

  14. Avatar
    LionessVSM April 12, 2009

    I too am very disappointed that 34sp is forgetting about the little guy. PLEASE do not drop Personal Hosting!!! I have also recommended many people/clients to 34sp….this too I will have to rethink.

    For those existing clients that have a Personal 2000 hosting account….what is that going to do to us? Are we going to be given credit on what we have paid already to switch to the Professional 500?

  15. Avatar
    Gary April 13, 2009

    Stuart – those of us on Personal Hosting are happy enough that the accounts are staying, and even that we can renew them at the same 17.95 rate.

    From your comment in 8) above:
    “The account costs less than 15pence per day, and comes with everything you might need to run a succesful website.”
    The fact is, Personal Hosting had everything I needed for a few accounts I’ve got with you, and I’m a web developer!

    I guess what I’m (we’re) asking is why it was felt Personal Hosting should be withdrawn at all? Why not keep that as an even more basic package to the funky new Professional Hosting that supplies those who want it all-in-one? How does removing the products/services you offer make you any better off? How does removal of choice attract customers?

    “Ultimately though we have never positioned ourselves as a small step up from a free/ISP hosting service. We hire and train very experienced and skilled staff. We are aiming to provide top notch support.”

    I do see anywhere above that criticises the support offered by 34SP – it is, in my opinion, your best feature.
    The questions aren’t even about the new product – it’s the withdrawal of the old package from new accounts.

    Finally, one other question – how did you get this feedback about the old package? (I may have filled in a questionnaire for you, but I can’t remember)

  16. Avatar
    Mark April 13, 2009

    I am sad that the personal account is no longer being sold. I have set up a number of family and friends on this acocunt who were willing to pay a little money to get a website. The new prices really put this out of reach for those who only wanted to dabble.

    The personal account came with everything they needed.

    Recently, my domain name seller put up prices with a new package. The end result was that the lost all my business to a new provider who was cheaper and more reliable. Had they not changed their prices i wouldn’t have even looked.

    I would ask you to reconsider withdrawing this account to new sales, or perhaps as a compromise letting those who already have an account, set up fruther hosting on the same basis.

  17. Avatar
    Tim Bonnett April 14, 2009

    I have quite a few personal sites with you and my recommendations have given you many more hosting clients. For many people the features are somewhat irrelevant, many people just want a cheap way of getting some kind of presence on the web. With the change of packages I think you may have charged a little too much and will put off many including my self, which is a shame as otherwise your a great company to deal with.

  18. Avatar
    Shakey April 15, 2009

    I personally don’t have an issue with withdrawing the Personal plans because, for me at least, I get exactly what I had before (with a transfer boost) for less money by upgrading to Pro 500.

    There will be a few instances to come where I may feel Pro 500 is overkill, but none of my clients would argue at the amount of stuff that comes with £50 per year.

    Playing Devil’s Avocado for a moment, when the new kit has settled in and the bugs are worked out (my SMTP and mail aliases are playing up atm), there may be capacity and market for 34SP to turn down the dials and slice off some of their infrastructure as Personal Hosting: Revisited.

    @Gordon S Valentine:
    It’s not going to cost you £190 to run your plans – you still get to keep the Personal plans at the price you paid for them. How long that goes on for is something only 34SP can say.

    However, I’d surmise that the sites you’re running so far don’t need that much “oomph”, so why not try moving everything over to reseller hosting? It’ll save you £10 a year, give you a few more extras you never had and as you can assign your own resources, you can probably add more sites without any additional cost to you.

  19. Avatar
    Shakey April 15, 2009

    Although one thing I haven’t seen is SSL support – is it now included or still an paid extra, and therefore at what cost?

    34SP: mail me on the address supplied with that answer if I don’t catch you first.

  20. Avatar
    Stuart April 15, 2009

    LionessVSM: If you convert over to a pro account we credit your account with any remaining time you have paid for on your personal account. Regardless of the personal account size, you won’t lose out for what you have already paid for.

    Also, in regards to everyone mentioning referring friends/families and colleagues. We are going to be revamping our referral system as well shortly. This will make referrals far more rewarding.

  21. Avatar
    Tom Scott May 8, 2009

    I’m surprised to see so many negative comments about this new service. No one’s being forced to upgrade. £3.95 per month is very reasonable, considering 34SPs level of support, let alone for such an impressive package … ooh-err. £47.40 per year is very little to ask, if you consider that hourly rates for web designers / developers / sys-admins etc. start around that figure.

  22. Avatar
    Rex Kipper July 13, 2010

    Another disappointed customer here. I’ve used 34sp for a long time (both personally and professionally) and can’t rate its service highly enough. But while I appreciate the need to make a buck, dropping Personal hosting means that 34sp is no longer any use to me.

    The Personal accounts were a fantastic way to throw a web site together for very little cost — £18 a year for a basic set of features was perfect for experimenting with ideas online.

    The increase to £40 a year for professional hosting now makes this impractical. Yes, it comes with a whole host of features, but I doubt that many personal web site customers need any of them for a blog — I certainly don’t for the sites I like to tinker with.

  23. Avatar
    Stuart July 15, 2010

    Rex: I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to host with us any longer. We really will miss your accounts.

    Unfortunately personal hosting came to the end of its lifespan. It is quite an old platform now, with around 8-9 years behind it. That really did make taking it forward quite difficult (security, software, features etc). That meant we couldn’t keep pace with what customers wanted, and in the end the plan was removed.

    We do still think pro hosting is a fantastic value though. The service works out to 15pence a day, or a couple of pints of beer a month.


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