Plesk Onyx now deploying on Reseller hosting

As of last week we’re now deploying the very latest version of Plesk – Plesk Onyx – on all new Reseller hosting plans. Plesk Onyx is the direct replacement for the Plesk 12.x series of the control panel. We use this control panel exclusively on our Reseller hosting plans.

Through the next few weeks we will also be contacting existing users of the platform and upgrading their Plesk 12.x versions to Plesk Onyx. As Plesk Onyx requires a 64bit OS, and some legacy plans are hosted on 32bit platforms, we will be staggering the updates to ensure stable and seamless upgrades.

So what is Plesk Onyx?

First and foremost this is still the robust Plesk control panel you know from previous versions. This means an intuitive control panel that allows the quick creation of hosting accounts. Setting up additional items such as databases and email addresses is also equally simple, with just a few quick clicks required.

Much like Plesk 12.x, our Onyx deployments also come with the WordPress toolkit feature as standard. This allows you to manage multiple WordPress installations on your reseller account with ease. The toolkit allows a simple overview of all your WordPress website and offers one click updates across multiple sites plus offers several WordPress security features.

Plesk Onyx also retains all of the security components from Plesk 12.x. This means support for tools like Fail2Ban, Google Authenticator (2FA), Atomicorp, MagicSpam, Dr Web, Kaspersky and many more.

New to Plesk Onyx is the extension catalog. This feature allows the drop-in addition of complementary features to the Plesk system with the minimum of fuss. CloudFlare, DNSSEC, Softaculous, Slack, MagicSpam – just some of the third party applications that can be quickly deployed. As we manage the reseller platform directly, we also curate the allowed extensions on this platform;please note that the marketplace feature will be disabled on Reseller VPS plans, and any extensions deployed will be curated by

Plesk are also encouraging developers to submit their own extension as well – so you too can add to the Plesk ecosystem!