PHP-CGI updates on the Professional Hosting platform

As of this month (November 2019), we’ve made some slight tweaks to the PHP-CGI binaries on our Professional Hosting servers. The updates are as follows:

PHP-CGI 7.1 has been updated from 7.1.25 to 7.1.33.
PHP-CGI 7.2 has been updated from 7.2.13 to 7.2.24.
PHP-CGI 7.3 has been updated from 7.3.0 to 7.3.11. 

In addition to the version updates, we have changed the compilation flags so that the MySQLi extension uses the native MySQL driver instead of libmysqlclient for parity with the default PHP version on the server (and because the native driver is the current default and recommended setup). 

We don’t expect this change to have any impact on hosted sites, but if you’re using PHP-CGI and see any strange site behavior, particularly around MySQL functionality, please do let us know.