34SP.com has been an ardent supporter of PHP for many years. In fact, if you check the main PHP ‘Thanks’ page you’ll see that 34SP.com is currently supplying various¬†servers and bandwidth used for buildbot testing by the organization. PHP has been used over the years for virtually every aspect of our UK hosting and domain name platforms.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce that the latest version of PHP – which is PHP 5.4 has arrived at 34SP.com! Rolling out from next week on our latest Professional Hosting and all Business Hosting accounts, 5.4 is touted as having 20% better speed and memory usage when compared to 5.3. PHP 5.4 was designed to significantly improve performance and fixes over 100 previously reported bugs. While there are various depreciated functions in the update such as register_globals, magic_quotes and safe_mode there are also a few additions such as traits, shorter arrays and more.

Will my site still work?

PHP 5.4 is backwards compatible, meaning your site should just carry on the same but with even better memory usage.

The rollout should begin on the 4th August and continue across the month as our engineers test various settings and sites to ensure it’s working as expected. If everything is successful it should be complete by the 4th September. Please do let 34SP.com know how you are getting along with the newest version of PHP.


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