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Personal account changes

In accordance with our terms and conditions we are issuing a 30 day notice to all personal hosting customers that prices will increase on 18th March 2006. Prices will rise by �2.95 per year on all personal hosting accounts. As of this date all renewals will be issued at the following prices:

£17.95 – Personal 50 hosting
£27.95 – Personal 100 hosting
£37.95 – Personal 150 hosting
£47.95 – Personal 200 hosting

Please note that charges due on the 18th March will be added in two days time and these will be at the new price.

All current outstanding payments issued are unaffected by the price increase. The price increase will enable us to further invest in the 34SP.com infrastructure and improve our hosting services.

The first improvement will be the introduction of a free monthly backup service to all personal hosting accounts. Backups will be taken of your site data once per month. This service has a planned install date of April 2006 and we will e-mail you closer to the time with more details. We still recommend all users maintain full local copies in case of emergencies.