PEAR is a collection of code that can be used for many php applications, ranging from database connections to templating systems.

For those using (or those wishing to use) PEAR, the list of available packages on the 34SP servers was updated today. A full list is shown below.

If you wish to take advantage of the PEAR installation on the server, please drop us an email and we can update your account accordingly.

Installed packages:
Package Version State
Archive_Tar 1.3.1 stable
Console_Getopt 1.2 stable
DB 1.7.6 stable
Date 1.4.3 stable
File 1.2.1 stable
HTML_Common 1.2.1 stable
HTML_QuickForm 3.2.5 stable
HTML_Table 1.5 stable
HTML_Template_Flexy 1.2.2 stable
HTML_Template_IT 1.1.1 stable
HTML_Template_PHPLIB 1.3.1 stable
HTML_Template_Sigma 1.1.3 stable
HTML_TreeMenu 1.2.0 stable
HTTP_Request 1.2.4 stable
Log 1.8.7 stable
Mail 1.1.8 stable
Net_SMTP 1.2.7 stable
Net_Socket 1.0.6 stable
Net_URL 1.0.14 stable
PEAR 1.3.6 stable
PHPUnit 1.3.0 stable
Pager 2.3.3 stable
Pager_Sliding 1.6 stable
PhpDocumentor 1.2.3 stable
XML_Parser 1.2.6 stable
XML_RPC 1.4.0 stable
XML_Tree 1.1 stable

If there are other packages that you feel may benefit yourself and other users please let us know. Please note that we do not install Alpha versions of packages.

For a regularly updated list of packages see

For full information on PEAR please take a look at their website at