PayPal’s SSL certificate upgrade – Will this affect me?

PayPal have announced that they are in the process of upgrading SSL certificates, to use the SHA-256 algorithm and Verisign’s 2048-bit G5 root certificate.


SHA-1 to SHA-2

The trust for SHA-1 SSL certificates began to phase out in 2013, due to possible insecurities identified in the algorithm.  With this disclosure most larger companies have already made the switch to SHA-2 and encourage their clients to accelerate the process too. Browsers such as Google Chrome currently display warnings for websites using SHA-1 certificates and have set a timeline to phase SHA-1 certificates out completely.


Will I be affected by this? has taken all the necessary steps to facilitate the change on all our active products. However, some of our clients using our discontinued Reseller Hosting plan may experience issues. Per our previous e-mails, updates on this platform have ceased for well over a year at this time – as we’ve transitioned users to the new Reseller VPS platform.

If you’re a user of our legacy Reseller Hosting platform, we again urge you to make the move to a stable, secure and managed platform ASAP. Please feel free to contact or arrange a callback.

Please note VPS and dedicated server clients will need to review their own setups, as these are unmanaged products.


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