Online WP events trend to continue for sometime yet

22 July 2020


News from the WordPress community this week underlines what we’ve suspected for a while now – things won’t be returning to the old normal for a long time to come.

Announced on their blog on July 14th, the WordCamp Europe team confirmed that their 2021 bash will also be held as an online only event. This comes on the heels of the WCEU 2020 event in June also being held as an online only get together.

Most (if not all) WordPress events have taken similar leaps. WordCamp US made similar moves earlier in the year, as have a myriad of smaller local groups.

The WCEU move, however, is the first major event we’ve seen that has decided to just scrub 2021 from the calendar entirely. With little end in sight to the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, we expect to see more and more organisers take similar steps.

For our part we’ve transitioned into as fully a remote business as best we can, including event attendance and participation. We recently had great fun attending and speaking at Blogosphere – an entirely virtual online event. If you know of any other new and interesting events or virtual gatherings online, keep us posted!



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