On the road, Summer/Autumn 2019 update

As the year wears on, we hope you’ve managed to catch our superstar WordPress team in action across the country. We’ve travelled literally millions thousands of miles giving hundreds of hours of talks around the UK this year so far, but we still have plenty more to come.

Here are some highlights coming up over the next few weeks and months. If you’re in the area, stop by, come say hi and learn WordPress secrets.

As ever, just reach out before any event and we can set aside a little time for you one on one; if you have any problems with your site, or any general WP questions or queries, we’re happy to help!

Cambridge WordPress meetup

When: 9th September
Where: The Bradfield Centre
Why: Tim is giving an introduction to pen testing, with his talk Testing the Fortifications, this is a quite technical talk but should be of interest to developers, system administrators and site admins. More info.

Cheltenham WordPress meetup

When: 18th September
Where: Exmouth Arms
Why: How to clean a hacked site, Kayleigh will be down in Cheltenham talking about the best process for dealing with a hacked site. Following the process we developed in house here but presented in a way suitable for anyone, with no scariness. More Info.

Birmingham WordPress meetup

When: 24th September
Where: 1000 Trades
Why: Tim is down to Birmingham and the revitalised WordPress Birmingham meetup. Tim is giving his popular Practical Security talk, loaded with hints and tips on making any site secure. This talk is suitable for people with any level of experience. More info.


When: 21st September
Where: Coppid Beach Hotel, Bracknell
Why: The 34SP.com team will be at Blog On, with both Tim and Kayleigh giving talks. More info.

Kayleigh will be revisting the basics of managing a WordPress site and showing some of those little features you often forget.

Tim will be doing a modified version of his Practical Security talk, packed with loads of hints and tips to avoid your site getting hacked.

Coventry WordPress meetup

When: 2nd October
Where: TBC
Why: Both Tim and Keith are down to Coventry to do an evening on using the command line with WordPress. Keith will be talking about time saving on the CLI while Tim talks about WP-CLI. More info.