Today’s lunch was at one of the regular haunts of – New Samsi. New Samsi is one of Manchesters very few Japanese restaurants. Thankfully it is also excellent. The restaurant is located on Whitworth street, just across from the former UMIST building. Whilst situated in a converted warehouse, the restaurant has a contemporary airy feel, light woods with subtle lighting.

Mention Japanese food and many people invariably imagine raw fish and turn green; whilst New Samsi has its share of Sushi (maki, nigiri, sashimi etc.) the menu is quite diverse and by no means limited to fish.

Lunch comprises two options – sushi buffet or bento box. Sushi is a particular favourite here at (see Keith top left and myself bottom right digging in!). £10 gets you a bowl of miso, 8-12 mixed pieces of sushi (choice of the chef) and if you like, another serving of sushi once you’re finished with the first!

The other choice of bento box is also great value for money. Ranging from £6-£12 the bento boxes are large compartmentalised trays. Each little compartment is stuffed with something different: noodles, rice, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, sauces, skewers and so on.

Whatever you choose, its a certainty you won’t leave hungry – Japanese also makes a nice change from the more prevalent Chinese eateries that abound the city centre of Manchester. A big thumbs up!

New Samsi


There are 3 comments on “New week, new samsi

  1. Smileyrepublic July 19, 2005

    Is this some sort of restaurant review blog these days, or do the 34sp people just enjoy the varied eateries of Manc land? 😉

  2. Smileyrepublic July 19, 2005

    PS have you tried Tampopo in Albert Sq? Nice …

  3. stuart July 19, 2005

    We have indeed!

    Yeah, quite a few restaurant reviews at the moment, as theres very little other non official news to discuss.